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One to One Sessions

Short on time? Want some individual attention? Would you prefer the attention to detail and convenience of a home visit at a time that suits you? A private session can help you understand the fundamentals of Pilates before you go into a class or it can be the attention you need to push your practice […]

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Reformer Pilates

The Reformer is the most famous piece of Pilates equipment. The raised platform with a moving carriage, perfect if you recovering from injury or simply worried about getting to the floor. The straps and springs provide resistance to help build strength and flexibility to new levels. You’ll leave these sessions feeling stretched, invigorated and feeling as though […]

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Barre Pilates

Barre Classes at We Are Wellness, Leeds – Come and have a go at the best barre in Leeds! Anyone who has a butt and can hold a barre should be able to join this class. It’s a constant burn, whether at the legs, core, arms, or glutes. “It’s a muscle endurance workout where you […]

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  • 5
    Louise is a fantastic teacher. I have been going to her Barre Pilates classes for a year and a half, and have made so much progress thanks to her positivity and ability to explain things in a clear and understandable way. This is especially helpful for someone like myself who before September 2017 did very little exercise or sport, and never enjoyed it. I now completely look forward to Louise's classes every week!
  • 5
    My 1:1 sessions with Louise are fantastic. I have diastasis recti, Louise has created a 12 week plan to rebuild my core strength. I feel totally energised at the end of each session and, after just four sessions I can already feel the difference. I feel stronger and my posture has greatly improved. I highly recommend 1:1 sessions with Louise.
  • 5
    I have been going to Louise’s classes for around 7 months and I can’t recommend highly enough. It is incredibly impressive how Louise quickly understands individual issues/concerns and will adapt accordingly, ensuring that everyone has the support they need. I am particularly grateful for the extra help Louise has given me, helping me get through half-marathon training with lots of valuable tips & support - all this done within a group class environment. Thank you so much!!!
  • 5
    Too many years of contact sports and perhaps the ticking of time has left my body complaining. Pilates is the best solution to this! Thanks to Louise's weekly class I can continue to function and am even playing hockey each week. She is a flipping excellent instructor, the best I have come across. She has an excellent combination of knowledge and a sense of humour. No matter what your level is she will somehow manage to tailor a group class to feel like a one to one.
  • 5
    I’ve been doing Louise’s Barre Pilates classes for a little while now and I really love them! I was keen to work on my core strength and give my back a good workout and the class does both of those things. Louise works you hard, but the class is still enjoyable and I can feel the difference afterwards and the fact my endurance for it has increased over the weeks too.
  • 5
    Louise's Pilates class is the start of my weekend. An hour on a Friday to shake off the effects of sitting at a desk all week. The class is the perfect balance between serious and fun, and I always leave feeling taller and more relaxed. Louise works us hard but you feel so good after it's worth it. I can't recommend her enough.
  • 5
    1:1 Reformer classes are non threatening, enjoyable and I leave feeling stronger, taller and ready to face anything.
  • 5
    I started to go to Barre Pilates to strengthen my painful weak knee. Louise is a great teacher and has kept us all motivated and energised. I am a lot more flexible and my knee has stopped hurting as it has strengthened, which has really helped when doing other activities. love my other barre Belle's too, highly recommended.
  • 5
    Classes are kept to a manageable size so Louise can check everyone is doing the exercises properly. If she has a space in a class and you are able to go I would say do it. You won’t regret it.
  • 5
    I always feel good after a class. Louise has a good understanding of my hip problem and can advise and guide as appropriate.
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