Meet Louise – Pilates Instructor in Leeds

I’ve been practicing Pilates for twenty years now, it’s one of the only thing that has stayed constant in my life, wherever I am and however I feel. I’ve always loved and continue to adore Pilates. I truly believe in this method for maintaining my strength, flexibility and mind body connection. I love to be active outside; walking my dog, hiking, cycling and swimming and Pilates ensures I can do this easily and without worrying about injury.

I wasn’t always into fitness, I spent most of my youth clubbing and traveling the world with a heavy rucksack. I waited on tables to fund my university education and love for travel. I then ‘settled down’ for a while and became an A level teacher and examiner. Then came the pre-mid-life crisis! I travelled more searching for happiness and the elusive self, only to find it was always right here – in Me and maybe, in Leeds. An expensive lesson but worth it!

I teach practically, assessing the body and then observing people’s movement patterns trying to work out how we can change their everyday habits to combat aches and pains and achieve better alignment. What’s most important is what you do for the other 23 hours of the day not just the hour we spend together. That’s why I chose the name Embody Pilates. Pilates instruction needs to be worked into your daily habits and then you will see dramatic improvements in how you move and feel.

Currently, I’m interested in myofascial lines. How the body is connected through fascia as well as the muscles and bones. The human body kind of blows my mind! I’m always learning; listening to podcasts, reading about anatomy and taking courses to enhance my understanding of the body to encourage clarity in my teaching.

I’m a natural teacher, I empathise with the frustration of learning something new and enjoy helping people focus, achieve and feel better. Furthermore, I do love to challenge people conceptions of what they can do, finding success through movement with a smile on their face!

Please follow me on social to keep up to date on new classes and advice on moving well throughout your life. Thanks for sticking around and reading to the end!

Louise Lowery, Embody Pilates